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The Heath Importance Associated with Vitamin C

Good health can only be obtained if they all consumed balanced diets. This includes taking a meal containing carbohydrates, vitamins, and even proteins. When it comes to the intake of the vitamin, there is food that gives different types of vitamins in one’s body. But then again, there is no harm in eating foods containing the different vitamins. Vitamin C is one among many types of vitamins. In most cases, the immune system is good in the boosting of the immune system. But on the other hand, there are many more benefits of taking vitamin c. Apart finding food rich in Vitamin C, one may also prefer taking Vitamin C intakes. Therefore, discussed below are some of the advantages that come with the intake of food rich in Vitamin C or Vitamin C intake.

By taking sources of Vitamin C, reduction of getting chronic diseases is facilitated. The major aspect that helps in this is the antioxidant present in the vitamin C sources that helps in the strengthening of one’s body defenses. As mentioned earlier, it helps in the boosting of one’s immune system a factor that is enhanced by the antioxidant that is contained in the Vitamin C. The antioxidant prevents the cells of the body from being harmed by the harmful molecules that could be in the body. Thus, preventing one from getting chronic diseases.

Secondly, Vitamin C helps in the managing of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the problems that is experienced by the highest population. Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of the High levels of pressure of the blood. This prevents one from dying that could be attributed to the risk of heart disease attack. When one takes Vitamin C, the vessels that carry blood are relaxed hence pressure is reduced. It is also a must or one to consumes source of Vitamin C to avoid getting high blood pressure and those who do not want to get.

The last benefits to be discussed of the consuming Vitamin C is that it is rich in Iron In that it prevents deficiency of Iron in the body. This is because iron is an essential component in the body. In is important as the red blood cells cannot be made without it and also oxygen cannot travel throughout the body effectively without the iron components. Also, the presence of iron from Vitamin C acts as a supplement of the meat to those who do not consume it. Vitamins C intakes prevent one from suffering from anemia that is caused by the deficiency of iron in the body.

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